Denon DHT-S514 Soundbar

Due to considerable length (over a meter) Denon DHT-S514 soundbar will perfectly harmonize with big-screen TVs. Japanese experts relied on spaced layout of soundbar and active wireless subwoofer. Advantages of such solution are obvious - an extended range of playing frequencies and sufficient reserve in sound pressure, allowing to sound a large room.

The main module is the system consisted of two channels, each of which has a small dome tweeter with the caliber of 1/2-inch and mid-woofer with oval diffuser, which work for bass-reflex with the port on the end wall. A distinctive feature of the system is independent acoustic volumes for left and right speaker system. In addition, electronic part of the device is completely isolated and sensitive to vibrations.

The construction of active subwoofer is also quite unusual. It is built on 13-cm drivers, so the total area of radiation of such tandem turned out to be very sizeable. We will also note the bass-reflex with original form of port - U-shape. Due to the curve of air duct it became possible to increase its length and thereby to extend working range down.

Denon DHT-S514 differs also by wide switching capabilities. In addition to standard analog and digital inputs, there are two HDMI interfaces, one of which is designed for TV connection and supports ARC channel. As befits a top model of high level, it has a built-in Bluetooth receiver of 4.0 AptX version. DSP sound processor can decode music by the branded Denon Virtual Surround scheme.

Among the strengths of sounbar we will note high sound pressure and overloading capacity. The middle is adequately drawn; the extreme top is slightly muted. In general, the sound is quite natural, but subwoofer seemed to be a bit boomy. To decrease this effect you should experiment for a little with the placement of the sub in a room.

Denon DHT-S514 Soundbar photo