Yamaha CDX-993 CD-player

In the international program a Yamaha player with numbers starting at nine, technically the most sophisticated. However, there are rumors that the meticulous Japanese are doing another "home" model with the ten ahead. But since, in the words of the famous humorist, her "they are there and consume" - this creation is not available to us. Sufficiently impressive size of CDX-993 clearly suggest using it in conjunction with block sets amplifiers MX/CX, although the design of the front panel in the style of the last complete amplifiers and receivers ending in 2. Cap Badge higher grades, hiding the bulk of government, intercepting control panel as a black belt. A mysterious inscription Pro-Bit, sheltered after the traditional notification of natural sound is a registered trademark of proprietary data from a CD. The fact that in spite of the stipulated standard for CD frequency of 44.1 kHz and 16 bit resolution in the manufacture of professional audio digital master widely used 20-bit format. Roughly speaking, this offers a resolution of 16 times higher than for the native format disk. However, due to software restriction in standard players at 16 bits of music consumers can not get the original quality of the original. Based on years of his own research in the field of sound and digital processing, Yamaha offers a musical algorithm analog conversion Pro-Bit, which calculates on the basis of three consecutive data samples with a 16-bit CD restored the flow of all 20-bit professional. Operation of this algorithm is allowed, for example, to reproduce the low-frequency pressure Led Zeppelin in Since I've Been Loving You, or Down By The Seaside with a memorable eight-hertz tremolo, shoot down the theta rhythm of the wheels.

The player is equipped with a good functional. In addition to the traditional core, and therefore mandatory, the player present auxiliary functions required for dubbing to a tape cassette (peak search, automatic insertion of a quiet period, automatic disk layouts on the two sides of the cassette with the established duration, sync-start, etc..) That missing many players of a similar level of other manufacturers. And, as usual for the company vehicles, the remote control can control all functions and modes, some of which are not available from the front panel. Once again confirmed the convenience of the two analog outputs: fixed and especially with the remote-controlled level. In addition, this unit is duplicated on the front panel and an optical output, which lights up when the cover is open, a red eye Terminator.

Short pulse and square wave player plays very symmetrical, but very traditional, ie with a string of re-oscillation. Converter and player showed good linearity. With a decrease in the level of -80 dB, it behaves perfectly: the first deviation from the linear trend at this level was 0.4 dB and -100 dB, it increased by only 1.6 dB. Weighted S/N ratio reached in the test apparatus solid values 107.9 dB. Good dynamics confirmed when playing recordings of American composers for orchestra with a collection of American Adagios (Telarc CD-80503).

The only cloud of doubt on the clear horizon - price: This CD-player costs almost as much, and DVD-player. Although the audio connoisseur from Yamaha that will not stop.

Yamaha CDX-993 CD-player photo