Yamaha CD-S1000 CD-player

Looking at CD-S1000, you begin to believe in a renaissance of stereo. This model like all other audio components from the newest Yamaha S-series was clearly created by people who appreciate high-end traditions. The quality of workmanship and design is beyond criticism. You can greatly talk about everything. The body has side wooden laps, and the device itself is twice heavier than any competitor. Beautiful, solid, impressive thing!

The peculiarity of this model is the completely balanced architecture of the sound path, starting with the outputs of digital-to-analog converters. The power of symmetrical cascade is realized from two independent circuits. The other parts of the CD player are also connected to the power source via dedicated stabilized buses. The player is already unique by this - the total power-supply decoupling is extremely rare among the models of such a price.

Yamaha CD-S1000 also received a silent loading mechanism and a high-precision direct drive motor. Transport provides an extremely stable reading of both usual CDs and SACDs (reproduced only in a two-channel version). It is also possible to play media with mp3 and WMA files. There is also the Pure Direct mode, in which all circuits that can be a source of interference and are not directly related to playback are disconnected.

The sound of Yamaha CD-S1000 differs by its amazing plasticity, touching emotion and depth, although such a beautiful and fascinating sound is given by dint of some errors. Bass, for example, is generous, strong, and in general seems to have no deviations, but all the drums and other instruments in lowercase are transmitted in the same manner. The same micro-changes are also caught in the upper range. From a formal point of view, the discants are played exceptionally purely, in detail and legibly, but you still feel the handwriting of the CD player. It is characteristic that when you start listening to SACD all the marked features are still saved on edges of a range. A more accurate and honest sound is obtained in Pure Direct mode, but even in this case it is impossible to speak about 100% reliability. But the reproduction of the midrange can be set as an example. The CD player gives you such a legible, clear and harmonious sound, that you simply forget about any other deviations. The sound is animated and literally captures you; the space is very similar to real. There is a scale. And I'll mention the last and the most interesting quality of CD-S1000, and you'll decide how valuable it is. The sound of this player is very difficult to analyze. You listen for five minutes, and then you find yourself that you just enjoy...

Yamaha CD-S1000 CD-player photo