Vincent CD-S2 CD-player

Many experts, describing the sound, be sure to mention the country of origin of the instrument. Indeed, British, Japanese and American speakers and components differ markedly in style of presentation. This is justified, since the idea of euphony all individually and largely shaped by national cultural traditions. Modeled Vincent CD-S2 can get an idea about the musical preferences of people in Germany. Thoroughness of design and attention to detail typical of engineers in this country, are visible to the naked eye. You should start with a decent transport mechanism from Philips, is often used in the device of this class. Digital to analog converter 24 bit/96 kHz RSM1732 from Burr-Brown is also well established and widely used. At the output of the buffer stage involved FET operating in class A. The rear panel is very concise: two stereo outputs and coaxial optical output. Here is the fuse - a rare item in the AV-equipment, but rewarding. The front panel has a headphone output with its own volume control. Moreover, according to the manufacturers, highway headphone paid much attention to non-traditional, and music lovers private sessions just have to appreciate it.

Function. One of the few devices, the creators of which take into account the record HDCD. (They are not widespread, but then it is in your collection, these discs have?) Another interesting feature - a built-in preamp with volume control (in fact - adjustable output) allows you to connect the player directly to the power amplifier.

Management. On the facade is almost complete set of keys. They are located on a circle that has a positive effect on ergonomics, as the location of the correct keys to quickly memorized. Oddly enough, however, to change the output swing can only be a remote control. Last looks a bit old fashioned, but from an ergonomic point of view, there is no claim to it.

Recommendations. Model SD-C2 entry-level line of Vincent perfectly illustrates the German approach to audio engineering. In addition to supporting HDCD, in his snap is not unusual, but good-quality design and a minimum of "bloat" - what could be better for CD-player? About as it sounds: highlights in the main stream music and meticulously brings it up to the listener. To some, this approach may seem formal, but for many it is - an ideal.

Vincent CD-S2 CD-player photo