Vincent CD-400 CD-player

The German brand Vincent presents for test CD-400 player, a weighty component (weight is almost 7 kilograms). The front panel of thick aluminum is extremely concise. Sanyo DA11 mechanism is used for reading CDs, the data from which is fed to PCM1716 chip with the parameters of 24-bit/96 kHz. The chip is not the most precise, but quite decent, besides it has a built-in digital filter with an oversampling algorithm. In addition to the usual analog RCA connectors, the player is equipped with a coaxial digital output, designed to connect an external DAC. According to the developers, Vincent CD-400 is very good in the role of transport.

The sound of the player is incredibly expressive - there are both dynamics and power in full measure. The weakening of energy is not felt even when playing the deepest bass. The tonal balance is verified, in general, it can be called neutral. The sound resolution is just incredible, but as for transfer of timbres, it is not so perfect. Sometimes at mid frequencies one may notice a slight dryness of the feed (perhaps, here you need to experiment with the interconnect cable). The top is completely devoid of aggression. Sound space should be rated as "good" at least. The scene is built in details and integrally, with a pronounced perspective in depth. Imaginary images are precisely focused not only in the center, but also on the flanks.

Vincent CD-400 CD-player photo