Vincent SB-316 Floor standing speakers

Vincent SB-316 is a three-way speaker system with chicest finish. Body material is MDF plates of solid cross-section, reinforced inside with at least two spacers. The components of crossover are from Isophon brand. Internal space is generously paved with sound-absorbing material. Build quality is so high that you can search for joints for a long time. The developers used D'Appolito scheme, in which a 25-mm tweeter (with a fabric membrane) is between two similar LF/MF-drivers. Each of them is equipped with long-stroke suspension and big dustproof cap with a stylized V letter. The diameter of cellulose diffuser is 165 mm. Bass-reflex port is placed on the front panel. Two pair of gilt spring terminals are in the bottom part of the rear wall; they are designed for wires with a solid cross-section. The loudspeakers can be installed on spikes, which are included in the kit.

The playback of organ and orchestral recordings speaks for the fact that Vincent SB-316 confidently operates in the midrange and lower bass. Silent details in bass are noticeably inadequate. Articulation of the material in other registers is also should be more accurate. The deficit of high-frequency information is felt. While the playing of grand piano music the sound of instrument around 3-4 octaves is reproduced with losses, as if "falls through". We drew attention to harshness in the area of MIDs. Timbres of acoustic music instruments are transferred with significant transformations. The image noticeably needs more liveliness and air. The stage volume and perspective are simplified. Thanks to energy endurance, at the significant switching of "Volume" knob to the right, much is improved in sound. This indicates the limitations of the loudspeaker's functionality.

Vincent SB-316 Floor standing speakers photo