Mission m66i Floor standing speakers

Two-way floor loudspeakers m66i takes the top position in M series of this British manufacturer. Despite of small sizes, Mission m66i loudspeakers are heavy. The body is rounded on the sides, the front panel is made of MDF plate with the thickness of 38 mm. The drivers are located by D'Appolito scheme, which allows to significantly improve dispersion. Woofers' diffusers are made of the branded Paramid sandwich (lightweight and very hard material). The tweeter's dome is made of the patented Viotex fiber. Very light membrane moves with great speed and minimal inertia, providing more open and accurate sound in the upper case.

Crossover filter is from the selected elements, internal wiring is made with an oxygen copper cable.

Mission m66i show dynamical and powerful sound. Bass is deep and energetic, confidently goes into low area. But near the lower border, it is not always controllable. The middle is rich with timbres, although the resolution at MF is not record - slight overhangs of natural instruments sometimes become less evident. Vocal is transferred naturally, detailing of the upper band fully corresponds to the price category - the sound of tweeter is transparent and even elegant in some degree, allowing listener to enjoy all nuances of the recording. The stage has correct scale, but images in it are slightly amorphous. Space needs a bit more depth, distant plans are read not very confidently. But at the same time the localization at the edges and the front edge of the stage is perfect, the sources are positioned not only in width, but also in height.

Mission m66i Floor standing speakers photo