Marantz SR4000 AV-receiver

Most of the setup and configuration is performed one handle, whether adjustment traditional volume and tone control, promotion menu surround mode or setting the tuner. Deduced on the front panel button 3D Surround, including the Virtual Surround, suddenly was continued and on the back: screw terminals are provided only for the front channels.

When you configure the receiver surprised by the fact that the levels of all channels on the test tone were quite similar, although the experiences of previous installations, we were ready to rise in volume and a decrease in the rear center (usually depends on the sensitivity of the speakers and the actual distance to the listener). In principle, the deviation of the initial gain channel is not critical: for this and there setting. However, setting the speaker distance is carried out here with an accuracy of up to 0.5 m against the usual 0.1 m. On the one hand, it seems to simplify the configuration, allowing not install scrupulously every decimeter (you can estimate the distance "by eye"), and if the real distance does not fit in the figure, multiple half-meter graduation? We have got into such a situation, so to set the center channel with impeccable precision failed. At a smaller distance depth of space in the front direction restricted the location of the center speaker; at a higher - the "center" as it sank deep into the scene. Improving in this case helps only partly because the increase in volume can make a noticeable sound in the center of the attraction. However, to a greater extent it was shown on the actor's dialogue in small spaces. In general, the sound of Marantz SR4000 has a noticeable softness, which does not interfere in the large-scale scenes, but slightly shaded contours of objects. At the same time a kind of equalization reduces cutting rumor brightness effects inherent in, for example, the tapes of the "Terminator." Perhaps this is due to the increased penetration of the center channel signal to the front. If two speakers come the same signals, the source is in the middle; here the central image, on the contrary, dissolves on the front speakers. In our opinion, Marantz is better suited for use in large rooms. There will be relatively more accurate installation and sound - more effective. In this case, the acoustics can use two types of fans of "acute" sound recommend theatrical sets with bright high aesthetes - the one that close to the Hi-Fi. It is very comfortable "Marantz" softness: right THX certification ...

Marantz SR4000 AV-receiver photo