Marantz SR-66 AV-receiver

The features of Marantz SR-66 are full-function remote control over all blocks of the series, including the setting of TV and VCR modes, high-precise quartz digital setting of tuner in two ranges and writing to the memory up to 30 stations. We can note a double indication of timbre as the feature too - in digital form (from -6 to +6) and in the form of luminous line, consisting of seven segments. Volume level and balance are identified only by the size of luminous line. Regulation of volume level, balance and timbre is carried out by one big handle and selection of function is made by one of the tree buttons. Marantz SR-66 has eight inputs, two of which are designed for video equipment. The receiver has a simple set of work modes for both amplification and tuner parts. This is Dolby Pro Logic and HALL with three variants of work of the central loudspeaker and digital delay, adjustable from 15 to 30 msec in Dolby mode and from 5 to 30 msec in HALL mode. With a help of TEST mode you can properly adjust the levels of frontal and central channels. SLEEP will disconnect the receiver from mains supply in the time range from 10 to 90 minutes. The receiver's tuner has three setting modes with storage up to 30 stations: automatic, manual and direct frequency assemblies, but only from the remote control. Work of the receiver can be defined as good with pronounced effects. In Dolby and HALL modes, even at the playing of simple stereo programs, space and directivity were felt well. Despite of relatively low stated parameters of the receiver, its real work surprised by good quality.

Marantz SR-66 AV-receiver photo