JBL Balboa 30 Floor standing speakers

Balboa 30 is a floor standing speaker system from Balboa series. HF and MF drivers are placed on the separate panel, woofer is below. The diaphragms of LF and MF JBL drivers are traditionally made of cellulose; on the cone of woofer you can see familiar concentric ring swellings. Magnets of the drivers are shielded. A shallow horn and the pair of horizontal elements correct the radiation of 19-mm titanium dome of the tweeter. Bass-reflex port (Free Flow) is located on the front panel. The engineers made filtering and layout with the involvement of the branded SSP (Straight-Line Signal Path) technology. The loudspeaker is very neatly finished with vinyl film. The characteristic detail of the design is legs-bars, sunk into the body.

Sound. I want to start with general conclusion: perfect sound. Rich, dense and expressive. Sound character is unified. No veil and excellent musical "diction" are throughout the whole spectrum. Panorama is spacious, with well "readable" articulated details. We cannot not to mention gorgeous bass of Balboa 30: its depth and structural qualities are ideally balanced - important, if not the main, feature of JBL systems. Although we haven't found any exceptions in the list of genre and style preferences, the loudspeakers yet still play symphonic and rock phonograms in the most impressive way. In the transfer of chamber forms a sensitive ear will find a slight angularity; the system presents acoustic timbres accurately, clearly, americanly busily, but without "secret". There is a little lack of fine details, but large dynamical relief is conveyed brilliantly.

JBL managed to make a great and inexpensive model. The speaker system is very promising for music as well as theatre. Medium-sized room is required; soft furniture will not be amiss.

JBL Balboa 30 Floor standing speakers photo