JBL TLX 161 Floor standing speakers

JBL TLX 161 is a three-way speaker system of bass reflex type with a port on the back panel. Metalized dome of the tweeter has the diameter of 10mm. The diameters of cone mid- and low-frequency heads are 100mm and 240mm. The diffuser of low-frequency loudspeaker is calculatedly optimized and produced according to the firmed technology. Recommended amplifier power is 10-150 W. Harmonious appearance displays a successful combination of acoustically appropriate and aesthetic solutions. The dynamics are mounted "flash" in silver-grey with metallic tint faceplate. Smooth contours of gracefully arched decorative grills are designed to negate the diffraction distortion. The sizes of speaker system (280x580x315 mm, the weight - 12,5 kg) can mislead concerning possible ways of its placement. However, sweeping low-inverter gives out their deeply floor essence. If you are a fan of languid bass, you shouldn't remove the speaker system too much from floor. Frequency characteristic allows JBL TLX 161 to attribute to systems with a strong personality. Particularly, increase of sensitivity towards upper limit of range from 2 to 18 kHZ argues for this statement. This increase happens in light tempo of about 1 dB per octave. The average ripple in the range from 100 Hz to 20 kHz - +/- 2 dB and this, perhaps, doesn't need any comments. Ripple in bottom (sensitivity falloff by almost 10 dB from 130 Hz to 75 Hz), maybe, somebody will feel as bass compaction. But this nuance is only for experts. The speaker systems work out any music programs perfectly, but the system gives a special flavor to the sound of vocal and orchestral music. The measured directional characteristic indicates a high spatial uniformity of acoustic field which allows multi-use of the system. Sensitivity is high - 91 dB. Characteristic of module of input impedance promises easy load for the amplifier: average value of the input impedance is 8 Ohm with standard deviation of 3.5 Ohm. Nominal impedance (minimal meaning in the range of frequencies is higher the main resonance system) is 4.2 Ohm. The frequency of phase-inverter setting is 40 Hz, frequencies of filters crossover are 600 Hz and 3 kHz.

JBL TLX 161 Floor standing speakers photo