Heco Xenon 400 Floor standing speakers

Participating in this test less floor system is a series of Xenon German incompatibilities is a shining example of rational design - everything is there and nothing more. However, the speakers look as if they were in our test of the more high-end cut-off: balanced circuit d'Appolito (to reduce the effect of reflections from the floor and ceiling), a noble kind grooved front panel (corrugation enhances the spatial homogeneity of the field at high frequencies), speakers with "lumpy" (to reduce the harmful effects of high-frequency bending vibrations) membranes - is immediately obvious they are very good quality. Crossover system is built on a high order filters (steepness characteristics lowpass filter - 12 dB per octave high-pass filter - 18 dB per octave) - well-tested remedy for non-linear "garbage". The body is made flawlessly. Separate switching bands is considered as a natural supplement Flawless design.

Sound system from the beginning makes a good impression of its thoroughness, the essence of which - in the competent working out the particulars for the sake of harmony of the whole. Her manner of sound transmission, probably best fits the definition of "classic", although the overall flavor and shifted slightly toward the warm tones. Xenon 400 confidently draws the geometry of the stage space well differentiates timbre manifold musical image in any way without violating its organic unity. The result is a very convincing effect "live" room. At the heart of the attractiveness of graphic manner "Xenon" - beautiful, dynamic and tonally strict middle. But the bass is quite good: a natural and flexible, with a clear response to the strike, with a pleasant softness deepest component. Only occasionally, such as in extremely deep voice episodes rock may want to "crank it up" - just "tighten" the deepest notes. When playing a majority of musical fragments bass is enough, especially if the listening room is not very large. But we should not hamper the beautiful "Xenon" bass too modest living conditions. Top bit "dimmed" as if under a light veil, but nevertheless quite informative. And a sense of ownership deficit does not appear here - thanks to the light "brightens" the rise of the highest frequencies. Adequately fed and macro-sound events, and an ornament of the quietest sounds.

Top Quality Xenon 400 - no sound eclectic, good balance of image, excellent dynamics. The German system is adequately reproduces any music. Very good for medium size rooms, although it is acceptable to use in small rooms. Certainly, on the basis of a pair of "four hundred" can build a great home theater, the benefit of a series of Xenon has all the necessary components.

Heco Xenon 400 Floor standing speakers photo