Eltax Silverstone 300 Floor standing speakers

The silverfinish of the facial plastic cover plate Silverstone 300 immediately attracts the eye but it would be absolutely unfair to claim for "stone" rigidity of the body in this price category and in a three-way (!) acoustics. The walls of bass-reflex speaker systems are made of 12mm MDF. Electro-acoustic equipment admires - paired woofers, mid-range (more precisely mid-high-range) driver in the isolated from the total volume compartment... But the declared value of the allowable electric power is especially impressive - 300 peak and 150 nominal watts - and this is at a very good sensitivity. Lightweight speaker systems are mounted on the plastic conical stands.

The developers obviously counted on the "looseness" of sound transmission. Such epithets like "lush", "rich" go well with the sound's image, creating by the system. Dynamic, powerful bass, juicy and at the same time strict middle, bright and clear tops. Powerful bass is quite deep and very effective, albeit a bit colored. At the increase of volume the "breath" of the speaker systems becomes freer; the impression appears that their mission is to work at the end of tether (aural system). In such context increase of brightness and sharp shades don't confuse. The ability to work with macro-occasions allows the system to transfer even the scale of large symphonic canvas very truly. The sound panorama is effectively approximated that in combination with other talents of the speaker systems is conductive to the immersion of a listener to a sound stream. This is already a priori that the pair of Silverstone has to cope brilliantly with reproduction of the most aggressive cinema sound. Surely we could not resist. Aside from the extraordinary power reserve, the ability of the system to recreating clear spatial panorama was very useful - especially in the frontal section. Bright, stunning sound effects without "extra" intelligence is undoubtedly the forte of the Danish pair.

Generally speaking, Silverstone 300 plays any musical material well, but still the first number in the list of priorities is a modern, popular music of different weight categories. There are no special recommendations to the listening room - it can be big and small and medium, but preferably - not too sonorous (a bit of soft furniture). The perfect theatrical abilities of the system don't cause any doubts.

Eltax Silverstone 300 Floor standing speakers photo