Eltax Symphony 12.3 Floor standing speakers

Eltax Symphony 12.3 is the next modification of the "long-playing" brand line. Behind the modest appearance is a solid, reliable construction in all respects. High weight of the speaker system is explained first of all by a good casing, assembled from 18-mm MDF boards and reinforced with internal braces. The cabinet rigidity is undoubtedly reinforced by the box adjacent to the front panel from the inside, isolating the midrange driver from its 'boisterous' low-frequency neighbors. The bass drivers are connected in parallel and, therefore, radiate in-phase; between them is a horizontal stiffening frame. The abundance of sound-absorbing synthetic material in the woofer compartment is surprising. The output of the reflex port is organized on the back panel. The woofer and midrange bands are separated by first-order filters (one air-cored inductance coil each); the signal for the tweeter is corrected by a second-order circuit. The internal wiring is made with the same type of wire (1.5 mm2). A nice detail - each speaker is equipped with a two-meter speaker cable. The system provides separate connection of the two speaker wires.


Definitely, in the "symphonic" sound priority is given to the low and middle frequencies. But listening to how easily the bass grinds the "rock" rocks rock songs, how exactly, without fear of fierce volume, perform their work midrange, you begin to believe in the justice of this state of affairs. Indeed, if you put the responsibility for the high-frequency energy on the shoulders of the center channel speakers, for example... At the same time, the tweeter, which does not impose its opinion on anyone, contributes to the listener's rather realistic sense of space, the large scale of which owes its origin to the "volumetric" midrange group. The tonal imbalance factor aside, there is nothing to stop the Symphony 12.3 from qualifying as luxurious floorstanders with exceptionally mature dynamics throughout the range and an inexhaustible overdrive reserve. It's hard to refuse a recommendation to participate in a multi-channel installation as a front pair.

Eltax Symphony 12.3 Floor standing speakers photo