Eltax Millenium 400 Floor standing speakers

Millennium 400 is though smaller Millennium 500, but record 400 Watts of peak power and 200 Watts of nominal impress. The volume of isolated LF-section is almost 50 liters. Two 8-inch woofers impress. The diffusers of all LF/MF-drivers are made on a cellulose base. "Flat" filters are used in crossovers. Like all the models of the series, Eltax Millennium 400 is available in two variants, the differences between which are in a small variation of the design.

The main tone in sound is set by deep and powerful bass. Exactly lush basses determine the flavor of sound of these giants. Heroic basses, expanding the borders of the listening room to the scale of big concert hall, are not particularly delicate. However, classic sounds so attractive in the performance of Millennium 400... Some delay of fronts of low-frequency impacts is easily forgiven - it's hard to find such an effective symphonic bass in this price category. Millennium 400 creates quite a comfortable atmosphere. Solo violin sounds very beautiful. The hearing is not irritated by the abundance of high-frequency details; only the stage is perceived to be slightly distant from the listener.

The powerful pair Eltax Millennium 400 is able to easily fill not only medium-sized room with sound. Undoubtedly, it should be considered to be a master of "battle scenes" in multi-seat home theatre. It is advisable not to place the loudspeakers close to walls.

Eltax Millenium 400 Floor standing speakers photo