Eltax Avalon 5.0 5.1 system

The Avalon 5.0 consists of front floor units, a large center and a rear shelf pair. All acoustics are 2-way, bass-reflex type. For the bass support a 175 watt subwoofer was chosen, representative of the Atomic line - A-10.2. Tweeters are built on neodymium magnets and radiated by 25-mm polymer dome membranes. The material of the black cones of the woofer/midrange drivers reminds of fiberglass. The front speakers have a bigger bass driver than the other satellites - 130 mm against 100; the center has two of them. The satellites allow bi-wiring and are equipped with spikes. Five-meter cables are included. On the front panel of the massive subwoofer there is a phase-inverter port, on the bottom - a good 200-mm driver, on the powerful suspension of which a paper cone decorated with the name of the family - Atomic - "walks". There are high-amplitude inputs and outputs, a linear mono input. A large heat sink unambiguously testifies to the power of the amplifier. There is a two-meter RCA cable for switching. The finishing is made in maple.

Sound. "Atomic" subwoofer emits, perhaps, the most spectacular and, it seems, the cleanest bass of the test. Moreover, in this set, there is no need to fully exhaust its frequency resource - the satellites, especially the front, are very good bass themselves. But it's nice to know that you can always "kick it up a notch". The kit's bass and a number of features of tonal organization of sound patterns reproduced by the environment cause a shift of color to the "warm" area; brightness is slightly muted... But a huge positive role is played by the luxurious dynamics of the center. What is valuable is that the front is capable of solving complex musical problems independently and quite competently.

Eltax Avalon 5.0 5.1 system photo