Floor standing speakers Dynaudio Focus 260

When you write about Dynaudio, all easy and difficult at the same time. Easy - because the firm has constant values like very careful speaker setup, regardless of price range. So you can be sure in advance that the response will be in the ticker - like top Confidence, and the younger, mainly theatrical Excite. Occupying an intermediate position optimal Focus - is no exception. Equally unchanged Midwoofer of MSP - magnesium silicate polymer, of manufacturing techniques which we have written many times, elliptical dome tweeter fabric with special impregnation, cast aluminum baskets and light voice coils of large diameter aluminum wire wound. But all at once is very complex because of the external similarity models (excluding structural and design tweaks such as cast aluminum plates on the front panel in the upper series) it is difficult to tell the difference. And it certainly is, as with all the ideal setting and mind similar line Dynaudio speakers easily ranked according to the quality of sound from top to bottom, as we have repeatedly had the opportunity to see. As innovations for Focus 260 claimed improved coating dome tweeter and a new frame of a special profile to align the frequency response for RF, baskets Midwoofer from thinner and rigid aluminum structure, voice coil for them also with a base made of Kapton, more powerful magnets, as well as new dividing filters. With regard to the latter, according to our measurements, they are first-order Midwoofer (with compensating Zobel chain) and the second for the tweeter. Housing with thick walls made of MDF and internal ribs - the traditional form, with light bevels at the joints of the front and side panels. Natural veneer of pale yellow tone with matt varnish finish, the lower court is painted black, and the entire front panel is covered with a black cloth as a grill. Design ends tapered steel legs. Rear are fairly large bass-reflex port, complete with foam plugs which are supplied to optimize the impact of bass in particular acoustic conditions, and patch panel made of hard plastic in the form of a socket cap, where it hides pair of terminals WBT, oriented upward. All simple, reliable, and classically calibrated - Focus 260 look calmly and correctly.

As for the sound, it exhaustively classified by the same word - right. In our test, only Dynaudio speakers were noted meaningful and rich in all registers playing baroque, good scale symphonic recordings without the slightest hint of dirt or compression, bulging and weighty drums drummer and tight wave from the long pedal body. In contrast to Piega Premium 3, Danish couple sound more serious, solid and extremely smooth.

Dynaudio Focus 260 Floor standing speakers photo