AV-receiver Yamaha RX-V1067

In terms of design and quality of finishes to produce at least one claim to Yamaha RX-V1067 is absolutely impossible. The front panel is made of metal and has a noble titanium color. In its upper part by a dark plastic cover hides larger display. On the facade stand handle large input selector and volume control, and all other keys and connectors are hidden behind a door, equipped with a lifter - this technique gives the design of the machine rigor inherent in AV-receiver higher price segment. Hid behind the door as the other port of USB, as well as input HDMI version 1.4, compatible with the technology of 3D. Another seven inputs and two HDMI outputs on the rear panel of Yamaha RX-V1067. Connect a number of sources of HD-content does not allow any other party to the test. Component video inputs are also bigger than the other - four. Among the analog audio released a pair of connectors Phono, clearly indicating the presence of a built-in phono stage arsenal receiver. There is a 7.1 multi-channel input and output from the preamplifier configuration 7.2, allows you to use two subwoofers in the cinema.

System OSD different well-designed ergonomics and attractive graphic design. Video scalers masterfully handles the adaptation of standard definition video to the parameters of Full HD, and does it with both analog and digital signals. Also permitted to efficiently manage the receiver's HDMI output, or by activating one of them, or causing to operate in parallel - this operation is carried out both from the menu, and that is especially convenient button on the remote control.

Model is equipped with a media player that reads content from external USB-drives and DLNA servers in your home network. However, it presents clear files is limited only to JPEG images so audio recorded as compressed (in the formats MP3, WMA and AAC), and without loss of quality (WAV and FLAC, until parameter 24 bit/96 kHz). If your computer network has Internet access, the receiver will provide access to the abyss of network stations.

When accompanied by the participant movies pleased accurate processing and remarkable pressure in dynamic scenes. The abundance of the smallest details in the ambient sound fabric combined with a wide dynamic range, and the energy at the beginning of the chase, "Quantum of Solace" literally beat backhand. Not less confident and machine made in the music industry. Multichannel recording literally enveloped us, plunging into the thick of things, but kept at the same time the liveliness and rhythm of execution. However, particularly good Yamaha RX-V1067 has manifested itself in the composition of the stereo, the difference between analog and digital connection of our reference CD-player here was minimal, indicating a high class digital to analogue conversion, implemented in the receiver.

Yamaha RX-V1067 AV-receiver photo