Yamaha RX-V767 AV-receiver

RX-V767 receiver appeared in 2010 and literally can be considered to be the most advanced among competitors. This is one of the first receivers of 1.4 version with HDMI, i.e. compatible with future-oriented 3D-video technology. On the one hand, such solutions are still experimental and not particularly common, on the other hand, the receiver is purchased not for one day and must meet not only the requirements of today, but also be relevant in the foreseeable future. And the mass invasion of 3D is already visible and, starting from the second half of 2010, according to the announcements, will be in full swing.

But the HDMI version is not its only unique feature: the receiver is equipped with two HDMI outputs for the first time in this price group. This is just a holiday for those who watch shows and serials on TV and for family movie shows has additionally provided a projector. Yamaha RX-V767 allows you to switch such a system with five HDMI-sources. Other ports are present, but in small quantities.

The remote control, which Yamaha completes its low-end models with, has a number of positive features, despite the Spartan appearance. A clear separation of the keys by zones, the presence of the Scene function that combines several devices in one control circuit, and good versatility are unconditional advantages. There are also disadvantages, such as the lack of a number of necessary keys for a modern player and media center, small button sizes and small signatures. But in comparison with the closest competitors in terms of pros and cons, it looks quite good. On the front panel of the receiver RX-V767 has a complete set of controls, sufficient in all cases. The menus are well organized, even a child can puzzle them out. The proprietary auto-tuning system YPAO does not require user participation in the process of work and always selects the optimal set of parameters.

Despite the modest price, the electronic filling in Yamaha RX-V767 receiver is the most advanced, which is felt almost immediately. The receiver creates a convincing sound space, with a clear localization of effects and smooth transitions. Speaker systems literally dissolve in the room, leaving a solid, large-scale and exciting panorama. Whether it is the roar of battle, the sound of rain or the chirping of birds in the forest, the viewer always feels in the center of events and at the same time can clearly feel the location and remoteness of all virtual sound sources. This is very impressive and often makes you forget that we have an inexpensive receiver. With proper selection of acoustics, the system based on it will not have any significant deficiencies for such solution at all.

Yamaha RX-V767 AV-receiver photo