Morel Solan Floor standing speakers

In accordance with Morel classification, these systems are related to the initial level and allow to join the branded sound for relatively little money. Speakers are three-way with side location of woofer. This allowed to maximally narrow the front panel, reducing harmful for sound diffraction. The woofer is equipped with a lightweight 160-mm diffuser made of the pressed cellulose, reinforced with polymer coating. Midrange driver with the diameter of 13 cm is made by the similar technology. The branded one inch tweeter has the dome made of the very lightweight with a hardening impregnation. In addition, it is equipped with a sound coil of the increased size and a decent magnetic system.

Morel Solan shows extremely high sound resolution, the maximum of which falls on mid- and high-frequency spectrums. Tonal balance in the main band is smooth by ear, but in the upper part of the range the tweeter's activity is slightly increased. Dynamical capabilities should be considered to be great, contrast is slightly smoothed in the area of the lowest bass. Wonderful ability to form three-dimensional sound stage leaves not less strong impression. The space at the same time is quite densely filled around the perimeter, images are clearly differentiated and have correct proportions.

Morel Solan Floor standing speakers photo