Paradigm Monitor 7 v.5 Floor standing speakers

In the new version Monitor 7 has undergone significant changes, both cosmetic and more serious. A slim body became significantly narrower and has a lower height, while almost without losing weight. As before the system is a 2.5-way with the second and third order separation filters, however, the number of drivers has increased to four. This is a traditional Paradigm inch titanium tweeter with ferromagnetic fluid, a polymer mid-range driver made of the proprietary M-ICP composite and two 140-mm low-frequency drivers with polypropylene carbon diffusers. The bass-reflex is directed to the back and has two ports. The screw terminals are massive and gold-plated; two-wire connection is possible. The finish is not too rich, but solid. There are no complaints about the build quality - everything is mounted extremely carefully and reliably. Last time we complained about the not very successful mounting of the grill on magnets in the Monitor series, but this model no longer has such a problem.

The sound signature of the new Paradigm Monitor 7 is immediately recognizable and traditionally characteristic for the products of this company. As always, they are distinguished by the utmost clarity of sound delivery over a wide frequency band. The open middle is extremely detailed and evokes direct associations with live performance. Male and female vocals are transferred naturally and with excellent harmonic resolution, the tones are rich and very believable. The bass register does not differ in depth, but has excellent articulation and speed. The dynamic qualities of Paradigm Monitor 7 v.5 are at a high level; they are able to easily transfer both the drive of rock music and calm classical passages. The transfer of the upper band deserves a special mention. Already traditionally to Paradigm, the HF level is slightly higher than normal. This has some effect on the emphasis of hissing sounds and background noise, which do not particularly interfere with the perception of the musicians' creative content.

When choosing an amplifier, you should pay attention to devices with the smoothest reproduction of the main band and a calm (even slightly obtuse) top.

Paradigm Monitor 7 v.5 Floor standing speakers photo