Floor standing speakers Dynaudio Focus 380

By all outward appearances 380 th "Focus" and I want to be classified as "battering rams" that can easily digest the enormous power input and create a killer sound pressure. This 34-kg towers far beyond the meter, and each is equipped with two 20-cm woofer, so that a pair of speakers with a surface area of a equivalent to a single 15-inch subwoofer. Manufacturer allows the connection of the amplifier up to 300 watts and a sensitivity of claims 89 dB. Based on these data, it is easy to figure out what the sound pressure (SPL) are able to develop Focus 380 - under 115 dB! A level comparable to the volume of the concert in a small rock club.

On the other hand, if you do not take into account the size, we can say that this is a typical product of a series of Focus, which caught the fancy of music lovers for the clarity and accuracy of sound, emotional expressiveness, and the ability to convey the most subtle musical nuances and, finally, for the excellent quality/price. Strong body from MDF, symmetrically trimmed with natural veneer, thanks to bevel on the front panel look very elegant. Low-frequency head with reinforced aluminum baskets and traditional Dynaudio internal magnetic system loaded on the common bass reflex port which is on the rear wall. In the middle tier applies proprietary 15-cm midbass with an easy 38-mm coil (wound aluminum wire) and the diffuser of polymer additives with magnesium silicate. Uppercase plays Silk 28-mm tweeter Dynaudio Esotar second generation. Preserved and ideology of the first order crossovers with minimal phase shifts, and simple one-wire connection. So, in fact, the only difference is in the "Displacement" - internal volume of Focus 380 is much larger than the other models of the Focus, so that there may be surprises in lowercase.

Dynaudio speakers need to stretch long and carefully, so I would recommend the most efficient and comfortable way: temporarily place the speakers "face to face" as close as possible to each other, connect the speaker cable to one speaker out of phase and the signal input of the amplifier with the maximum acceptable volume. So there are large displacement diffusers under reduced sound pressure, so you can keep warm at night. In proper condition speakers comes within several days. First normal scene, sounds will not be firmly attached to the columns. Then, from the middle register go tightness and dryness. Well, the main sign of warming - bass. Deep "infra" and luxurious dynamics drums appear not at once. A clear and well-structured reverberation come only in the last phase of the warm-up - in new speakers just do not have.

Formed Focus 380 the spatial pattern is somewhat unusual. Scene considerably raised, front-stage images are highlighted - the feeling that you listen to music, being in the forefront of the stalls. However, all of the virtual sources at the same time focused perfectly, and the scene does not turn into a flat pan - one that demonstrates a clear, almost visual division of the plans and terrific depth. In addition, three-dimensionality of a musical picture is enhanced materiality of each image. Stress - everyone! Often, speakers some images in the scene "materializes" good, but some - not so much. But the Focus 380 is equally loyal to all the nuances, even for minor and non-musical, that only adds more vibrant.

As for the "power factor", that claims to have no speakers. The dynamics of full-fledged and rather fast even on the most massive bass. Neither in the middle register, or in a high no indulgences - the sound is everywhere extremely dynamic and open. And all this is backed up by exemplary purity and fine nuances microdynamics.

But the most valuable quality of the flagship Focus - tone and overall musical balance. Buzzing or pans overtones available as a class. In the middle of no stray notes, uppercase also even and free of overtones. Sometimes it seems that the upper bass or pinned down in the high region 8 - 12 kHz tweeter a bit to get to the general level, but it is nothing more than an illusion. Called it a habit - many other manufacturers in these bands are usually small and often artificially created ups, giving the sound more expressive.

If you just briefly describe the 380's, then this is probably the most versatile system in the line Focus, and perhaps even in the whole catalog Dynaudio. In them, as nor in any other, a sense of inner discipline and the ability to accurately interpret any sound material. No genre preferences, or severe restrictions on the amount of space the sounded - they do not overload the modest 15-meter room and cope with the 60-meter room. I did not notice the hardware and contraindications - speakers, as it turned out, get along well with both amplifiers capable to impose his game and keep everything under control of iron, and with a rather gentle low power designs. They are easy to build a sound system at all levels and purposes. But among systems of this size like versatility - a rarity.

Dynaudio Focus 380 Floor standing speakers photo