Dynaudio Excite X34 Floor standing speakers

The speaker systems of the updated Excite series are not traditionally designed for Dynaudio - the body is completely finished by quality veneer or matt lacquer, no gaps, fasteners and other elements distracting attention. Even a protective grill is held on magnets. Traditional tweeter with silk dome and the speakers with typical diffusers made of magnesium-silicate polymer show belonging to the famous company. This is the trademark of Dynaudio for all its products. Sound coils of speakers are very light-weight due to aluminum wire. Excite X34 uses two LF-speakers, working for the bass-reflex with large port on the back wall of the body.

A large volume of the body allows the speaker system to achieve quite deep bass (up to 37 Hz). The model's crossover is optimized to get a clear sound spacious picture. The designers worked well on the impedance of the system, making it not absolutely smooth but changing in small borders. Thereby they made the load on amplifier much easier. So, Excite X34 speaker systems will also work well with budget devices. For better stability the model is equipped with four legs, going beyond the body, in which you can screw the spikes.

Excite X34 speaker systems showed smooth, organized sound. The dynamics is emotional, without overkill. Bass is well performed and quite deep and powerful. Musical scene is clear and spacious. A neat upper case fills the scene with naturalness and lightness. Timbre resolution is on top. The smallest details are well seen. Localization of the sound sources is slightly blurred. The sound of cymbals impresses - you feel metal, but not the bounce. The speaker systems manage to transfer the character of composition, the composer's idea. Electro music sounds very good. The quality is not almost lost at low volume too.

Price: $2540
Dynaudio Excite X34 Floor standing speakers photo