Krell SACD Standard CD-player

A number of design features distinguishes this device among its similar ones. This is a body designed according to the "chassis in the chassis" principle, a "reconstructing converter" with four preset modes developed by the company's specialists. Finally, analogue output stages operating in pure A class and equipped with advanced heat sinks. Krell SACD Standard is prepared for both multi-channel playback (has 5.1 outputs) and for stereo (you can connect via balanced outputs).

In operation the player is so slow (especially when reloading the hybrid SA-CD), that at first it is even annoying. The remote control is also not a masterpiece of ergonomics. But audiophiles appreciate the equipment of this brand not for the convenience, but, of course, for the sound.

In multi-channel mode, Krell SACD Standard sounds delicately and at the same time - emotionally, in a big way. Virtuosity is felt already in how well the stage is built, how clearly the plans are separated and the sources are focused. Surround is a bit blurry, but as a stereo source Krell SACD Standard is close to perfection. The device did not show any hostility towards any particular musical genre, but if it seems to you that the recording should sound different, try switching the filtering modes. The first position gives the most ambitious scene and is good for the classics. The second improves the harmonic resolution, allows you to feel the insignificant timbral components of each acoustic instrument. The third mode slightly enlarges the sources in the scene and slightly coarsens the discants, but it emphasizes articulation and voice semantics, especially in blues phonograms. The fourth attaches by harmony and information.

Krell SACD Standard CD-player photo