Onkyo DX-7310 CD-player

There is always something exceptionally proprietary about Onkyo hardware. And the DX-7310 is certainly no exception in this sense. The PWM ACCUPULSE single bit converter used in this CD player is a development of the company. A pleasant impression is left by the elaborate and thoughtful indication of the functions involved. Particularly clear, for example, the inclusion of the "pause" mode, accompanied by the appearance of the inscription in the center of the indicator, contrasting with the main indicator red. The DX-7310 is the only convenient way to display the number of the next track in the program, so you can always check if the program is being played correctly. The player is fully capable of editing the track sequence for tape recording. Various time indication modes help in this case. First, the total time of the compiled program is displayed before the start, and after the start, the remaining time of the playing piece is displayed. When playing back a disc according to a previously compiled program, there is an automatic four-second pause between fragments, necessary for subsequent retrieval on the tape. Of course, like any modern player, the DX-7310 keeps you informed while you perform basic routine operations: inserting a disc, identifying it, etc. For Onkyo system operation, the player has a pair of jacks for the RI system remote control bus. The unit was rated as a player with very good playback and especially liked the classical pieces containing vocals.

Onkyo DX-7310 CD-player photo