Harman/Kardon HD 730 CD-player

Two-function buttons-rockers give the peculiarity to the appearance of all modern models of Harmon/Kardon. Due to such decision the front panel looks more restrained and doesn't scare a potential buyer by an abundance of buttons. However, the management at first is a bit confusing. But if you buy such player, you will appreciate the convenience of such technical decision after a short practice. So in general, the device is very laconic, but I can't fail to note the location of regulation handle of headphones output level: it is clearly made in favor of the design, but it turned out to be for left-handed persons. Harmon/Kardon uses DAC of bitstream type in this comparatively inexpensive model and the subsequent processing, necessary for elimination of digital reverberation and metal, is carried out using the method of modulation of pulse density forming data stream. The results are very pleasant aurally. Noises were not almost noticeable even at the listening of the fragment, recorded with a lowered level (40dB below nominal), when some others at this level had something like a gas burner around the corner. While the listening Harmon didn't show "own" sounding, adding nothing and subtracting nothing from the original. I am sure that such characteristic will say lot to the discerning listener. Well, inexperienced ones have to accept the word.

Harman/Kardon HD 730 CD-player photo