DVD-player Denon DVD-3930

Denon once did a great job on improving digital sound reproducing equipment, so an unusually extensive range of sources - five CD-player, six universal and a couple of sets of class High End - not surprising. This time we will test DVD-3930, which is able to meet all the parameters, not only the most demanding movie lovers, but also of great interest to audiophiles.

Solid unit weighs six different-sectional design, which is based on a three-layer Anti-Resonant Chassis and closed two-layer jacket. Drive mechanism serves corporate denonovsky aluminum boot Trey, and in the power supply circuit is used to separate the individual EI-transformer and unit capacities for sound stages. Audio path itself partly built on the second generation decoder DSD Sony SXD-2753, and partly - on the CPU apsemplere Denon Advanced AL24 Plus (with decoder HDCD). Pair of first-class converters Burr-Brown PCM1796 serves multichannel analog output, two mounted on a separate stereo output. So that for each type of media in this unit made its own path. And add three modes Pure Direct. Uncompromising approach.

Implemented at the highest level and video channels. It is based on advanced deinterlacer-scaler Silicon Optix Realta. The processed video signal passes algorithm Denon Pixel Image Correction, and either in digital form is outputted HDMI, or converted into the analog component video DACs two ADV7324. Furthermore, there are conventional player outputs: S-Video, Composite, SCART. Jack is also provided for supplying a signal from the IR receiver interface and RS-232 control.

Sound quality DVD-3930 is highly dependent on the selected mode Pure Direct (the same, by the way, and different model DVD-2930, which amended constantly used for testing). In Normal mode, you can hardly call outstanding sound device: the scene is slightly blurred, sounds ruffled, especially in the upper register, musical picture as if built by brute force, and not the game. If you choose the option which disables video channels, the sound will become more harmonious and orderly, although some claims still remain. Bass, for example, is still not too mobile - hardness, nature is, but the attack is unconvincing for the player in this price range, and reverberation simplified. But everything falls into place when you select Mode 2. Trebles The program focus has shifted with increased detail for accuracy. But there is a third extreme mode in which a DVD-3930 turns off all everything that is not required for the sound! At first glance it nothing happens - something that can be seen in the scene, but just a little. However, listening, you realize that this is not a trifle. Space becomes infinitely deep. All the imaginary images of corporeal, I would even say - monumental. From such a stable space sometimes blows chill, but in the sound picture perfect order.

Denon DVD-3930 DVD-player photo