Denon DVD-1400 DVD-player

This is an interesting combination of rationality and luxury. There are no any frills and prettiness on the metallic front panel of DVD-player Denon DVD-1400. Large buttons with clear symbols instantly form for the user into two operational zones - playback control and selection of menu options. Only too concise display rouses censure: only disc type and the elapsed time are displayed. Before start you can set Denon DVD-1400 in a simply way (Quick Setup) and in a full algorithm. If you choose the last one the image of the remote control with backlit buttons that need to be pressed appears on the TV screen. Everything is clear and easy. Denon reads both exclusive SACD and DVD-Audio (to fully open such recordings even disable of all video parts of the player is provided in order to exclude possible interference) and "compressed" (MP3, WMA or JPEG) information. Track name, no matter how long it is, is fully displayed? But the next composition s chosen only after the playback is stopped. JPEG images can be rotated and displayed in series, in slide-show mode.

I want t note among other useful functions of Denon DVD-1400 auto power off after half-hour "downtime" and also the memorization of ten marker positions for a disk of any type. The remote control has a large working surface? But it is used unevenly. The destination between menu option control buttons and playback modes is too big - you have to use both hands.

Video part seemed to be subordinated to sound: there are no image settings and output from progressive scan, transcoder is uninterruptable (any recording is automatically demonstrated in PAL). Denon DVD-1400 is mainly designed for the collectors of music records' with exclusive quality.

Denon DVD-1400 DVD-player photo