Denon DVD-2910 DVD-player

Denon components can combine functionality and high sound quality, and therefore, choosing a universal device for a comparative review, we did not doubt for a second that it should be DVD-2910. This model has been produced since 2004 and is still in high demand among theater-lovers, since even now it is not easy to find a more advanced DVD player in this price group. However, DVD-2910 has every chance of becoming popular with music lovers. The device reproduces all existing audio media (CDs, HDCD, DTS CD, DVD Audio, SA-CD) and compressed mp3/WMA formats. The multi-channel sound path is built on modern Burr-Brown PCM1791 converters. It also provides a whole family of "pure" modes that allow you to phase out all unused functional blocks in the player: digital outputs, video path, extra power links and so on. In the strictest mode, Pure Direct All, according to the developers, the device generally turns into an uncompromising music source.

Is it good for the sound quality? In Mode 1 and Mode 2, we did not find any noticeable changes in playback. But in the mode in which even the display turns off, you really get a tangible improvement: the scene focuses more precisely, the transparency improves, the sound details cease to be just details and acquire meaning and harmony. In terms of sound resolution, Denon DVD-2910 is perhaps the best device in general. You can also appreciate its spatial characteristics - the scene is accurate, devoid of anomalies. The dynamic qualities, or rather, their balance, slightly disturbed: in bass the dynamics is normal (the sound is clear and perfectly articulated), in the lower middle it is softened, and in the upper, on the contrary, it is forced. When playing a CD, discants are distinguished by pleasant glossiness - there is no digital coloring at all. DVD Audio starts up with dynamics, a mechanical attack in the middle range disappears, the upper band is reproduced more naturally and in more detail. But you experience the strongest emotions when you load an SA-CD into the player. It seems that the entire audio system transforms! A lively musical picture becomes so captivating that you stop analyzing its individual aspects. For such ability one can forgive to any player even more significant shortcomings than those that we found in Denon DVD-2910.

Denon DVD-2910 DVD-player photo