Denon AVR-2106 AV-receiver

I want to call the design of AV-receiver Denon AVR-2106 nostalgic: the faceplate with triangular groove and many of control elements return us to the era of "Matrix" and "Titanic". AVR-2106 is the most inexpensive model and by the specifications stated it shows fight to its opponents. Therefore, it will help to answer the question what is more important in the studied price category - functional equipment or "audiophile" design solutions. Denon AVR-2106 cannot boast the last mentioned: the weight of 12 kg and input power of 250W will unlikely impress the audiophile. However, Denon AVR-2106 has high qualitative components in audio path, which are similar to the used ones in expensive models of the company, and DACs Analog Devices AD-1837 (24 bit/192 kHz) per each channel, working in the differential mode. Declared power reserve is good (100W per channel, 8 ohm with seven amplification channels).

Functions.Denon AVR-2106 is equipped with the branded auto-setting system, being previously used only in top models. It allows a precise setting for eight listeners. Pure Direct mode turns off all unnecessary circuits, reducing crosstalk to minimum. If indeed you need digital processing - there are lots of programs of surround in DSP-processor. The built-in transcoder turns any analog video into a component signal. Surround Back channels can be switched to the sounding of frontal loudspeakers, i.e. to connect the last mentioned by bi-wiring scheme.

Management. Auto-setting system operates accurately and quickly. The traditional for the company remote control is handy, although it is not ideal for the work in darkness. Screen menu is standard - is not loaded with graphics and is quite clear.

Recommendations. This is a great receiver for its money, leaving nothing to be desired. The only moment - due to the lack of equalizer Denon AVR-2106 goes with various speaker systems not well. It is preferable to use the same by tonal balance speaker systems in all the channels (however, an experienced user will follow this principle without our device). Musicality of the receiver is quite good, especially at the use of powerful floor speaker systems, connected by bi-wiring scheme.

Denon AVR-2106 AV-receiver photo