CD-player T+A SACD 1250 R

German T + A produces a very broad range of components and Hi-Fi and High End, and she had many admirers in Europe. The secret of success lies not only in the design memorable and unusual name - manufactured by this brand has always distinguished the thoughtfulness and innovation. In addition, the model number of the company can find sources and amplifiers of various levels and functional, allowing you to choose music lover exactly what he needs, and better target spending on the system. For example, in the line of R, which owns and overlooked SACD 1250R, there are plenty of similar players, one of them - CD 1260 R, universal device and even network client converter that can turn into an upscale home computer source.

SACD 1250 R, despite the slim design leaves an impression of good quality and very durable things. The disc mechanism is mounted within the housing in a special stretcher and antiresonance three pillars, has a solid tray of aluminum and plastic with steel rails and equipped with reliable engines Mabuchi. Besides mechanics, inspires respect and layout vocal tract. In fact, for each music media highlighted own independent section for receiving and processing the read data. This decision was dictated by the desire to achieve the lowest possible jitter - CD and SACD use different generators recloking (intermediate signal synchronization). Again seen around strict adherence to all the canons of High End: as short as possible signaling pathways to avoid vulnerability to interference, separated power supplies for the digital and analog sections (the latter - with toroidal transformer), the presence of the whole system of internal screens, quad DACs Burr -Brown, galvanic isolation for analog section ... But perhaps the most remarkable part T+A SACD 1250 R - digital filter. It is implemented on a programmable 56-bit processor and processes the signal into four different algorithms. You can select a standard filter with a finite impulse response (FIR), improved FIR fast decay, a combination of FIR + Bezier filter which gives a slight rise on HF, but eliminates transient oscillatory "tails", and clean Bezier algorithm. A notable analog stage mode Wide, which does not limit the bandwidth to 20 kHz.

Do not let the sound T+A SACD 1250 R licked such as the model 1260, but not less than bodily and emotional. Bass precisely put, strong and well-researched. Mid slightly tinted, but it does not spoil it - tonal drawing natural and detailed, with the smallest nuances. Average, by the way, it is easy to correct selection of interconnects. The main thing is that the upper range is not "cut off" from the main - the picture is a harmonious whole, even if connecting cable of silver-plated copper. During normal filtering microdynamic fabric does not veiled, but with her in the sound penetrates and some digital coloring. When switching to the improved algorithms nuances becomes a little better, but have to put up with some deterioration of spatial focusing either more aggressive RF transmission. These side effects I was trying to eliminate the selection of power wire, power and phase change of the player and the amplifier - in short, tried all options, but the effect was insignificant. But when I switched the processor mode processing algorithm Beziers, the result exceeded all expectations. Here and the scene does not suffer, and harmonic clarity improves and microdrivers appears so clear and natural that you begin to wonder: can a sound that way CD? Not for nothing is this position is selected as the main developers.

In anticipation of even more exciting sound load SACD. But the device meets expectations only half. First, for some reason it is impossible to select the type of DSD-tracks - the default is read only and multi-channel mixed in stereo. Secondly, the sound has changed beyond recognition. SACD always bribed tonal neutrality, scale and precision space. Here the unit offers his own interpretation and quite willingly drawn to the scene. However, this problem was solved quickly with the help of anti-vibration tools. Placing the player on a platform Eraudio and cones, got rid of a barely noticeable, but still not a single bit stream characteristic DSD digital touch-up. During experiments with the filter mode turned out that the standard and the first algorithms for SACD just do not cut - because of them, and you feel as if you listen to regular CD. When the second mode and the inclusion Wide sound became more dynamic, fresher and cleaner. Another showed the best result a third option. The sound has improved in everything widened dynamics and frequency range, better yet become distinguishable nuances more body image in the scene ... literally poured from the speakers entrained beautiful music.

T+A SACD 1250 R CD-player photo