T+A Music Player Balanced CD-player

Model T+A Music Player Balanced can be called without exaggeration a real digital combine. In addition to playback of CDs exactly, the device is endowed with a wide network functionality, has the ability to work as an external DAC, and even as the built-in FM tuner. But let's start in an order. The CD reading mechanism here is identical to what is used in R-series players. This is a high-precision transport with a silent MABUCHI motor, a composite (metal/plastic) tray on steel guides and a reliable optical system. At the stage of converting digit into analogue the read information is subjected to eight-fold re-sampling, and then fed to Burr-Brown 32-bit converters. When operating as a separate DAC, the device can receive a signal from various sources, including portable USB flash drives and an iPod, for which there are two corresponding connectors on the rear panel of the device. As a network player, T+A Music Player Balanced supports the basic DLNA and UpnP protocols, it can play a wide range of audio formats (FLAC, WAV, AAC, etc.) with parameters up to 24/192, as well as streaming Internet radio.

The player has a very clear sound from a tonal point of view, the neutrality of which is especially well noticeable at MIDs. Voices are amazingly articulated, without excessive dryness or emphasizing sibilants. The phonograms' detailing is at a very high level, and the nuances of the recording do not flaunt themselves, but organically fit into the general musical canvas. Dynamic contrasts are very confidently transmitted - the player is not only able to play full-scale orchestral works, but also lively and energetically rich recordings of modern progressive metal. The bottommost bass seemed to be a bit tight in the depth. In general, it is characterized by an amazing rate of fire and rhythm clarity, but some of the lowest notes seem to be insufficiently elaborated against the general background. At the soundtracks of the highest quality you can feel the full effect of presence, the realism of which sometimes just scares.

T+A Music Player Balanced CD-player photo