B&W DM604 S3 Floor standing speakers

DM604 is the most powerful floor standing speaker system in the series DM600. DM600 series itself is in the center of the whole range of B&W, overtopping compact home theatres for small rooms, but not reaching perfection of 700, 800 series and famous "Nautilus". The model's body is classically rectangular and finished with vinyl film. Almost the whole area of the front panel is loaded by 25-mm tweeter and three 180-mm drivers. The tweeter with metallic dome is placed into long convergent tube (similar to "Nautilus" tweeter) in order to achieve more open and natural sound. Midwoofer with woven Kevlar diffuser and the bullet in the function of dustproof cap is also placed into insulated compartment. Two woofers with rigid aluminum diffusers and big dustproof caps, made of the same material, answer for bass. The bass-reflex with a proprietary surface of "golf ball" locates on the front panel. There is thread for spikes on the lower wall.

Sound. We loved perfectly elaborated in all aspects, very detailed sound of the model of this British brand. We noted quite successful balance of soft plastics, being necessary for realistic transfer of classical forms, and sharpness, being the provision of articulated, clear and detailed sound. Lower case is gorgeous. B&W DM604 S3 has deep, dynamical and pure bass. The system conveys timbral colors with natural, live plastics, always authentically. Musical stage is big. Perfect dynamical resource is in the arsenal of the British pair. Presenting symphonic classics and other large forms, DM604 S3 tends to save the scale of musical event. Many will appreciate always informative, surround sound of Brits.

B&W DM604 S3 Floor standing speakers photo