Yamaha DVD-S2700 DVD-player

According to the modern standards, Yamaha DVD-S2700 is almost a rarity. Sales of this player began at the end of 2006. It is a universal player that supports DVD/CD/SACD media, is fully adapted for multichannel systems and equipped with all possible video outputs, starting with composite and ending with HDMI. However, this player will be able to interest those who intend to purchase a Yamaha AV receiver and are looking for the most suitable source for the stereo system. First, DVD-S2700 is wisely configured. The internal space is divided by shielding bulkheads into sections, and the sound path is powered from a separate circuit with its own transformer. Secondly, the drive in the player is installed on a hard sub-chassis. Third, the audio path is built on four CS4398 dual-channel DACs, which are still very much appreciated by High End Audio developers, and in the analog section there are high-quality OP275S operational amplifiers and audiophile capacitors. And finally fourthly, once you press the Audio Direct button, and the universal player turns into a music player. All digital circuits that are not involved in the playback process as well as the video section and display are turned off.

The sound turned out to be dense, legible, with a slight emphasis in the lower and middle registers - i.e. it is traditional for Yamaha hi-fi components. And here, everything is also sufficient, very clean and balanced. But compared to competitors, Yamaha DVD-S2700 doesn't sound so loud, which is sometimes considered to be a minus: when comparing directly, music lovers sometimes come to the false conclusion: Yamaha players are inferior in transparency, sound more dry. But once you put the player into the path with a really high resolution, you can be sure that it is not so. Every detail of the sound picture will be in its place and will sound naturally, without forcing. The bass is fundamental, very legible in the working area, but slightly simplified. The middle band is in complete harmony with its neighbors. Yamaha DVD-S2700 gives a well-balanced sound, music does not sound synthetic, medium-high register is transparent.

Yamaha DVD-S2700 DVD-player photo