Yamaha R-N402 Stereo Receiver

Yamaha R-N402 like the older model (R-N602) is made in a consistent concept - this is a symbiosis of advanced network technologies and classical approach in the circuitry and in the design. This easily allows the receiver to pretend to the central place in modern musical system. MusicCast technology provides the broadcast in different rooms of your music house, being played from any source, connected to Yamaha R-N402 - even in the case if the source does not support MusicCast technology. For example, it is quite easy to organize the translation of vinyl turntable, being played in a living room, on active speaker systems, installed in a bedroom or cabinet. MusicCast technology allows you to combine different audio devices for collaborative work - multichannel and stereo receivers, wireless speaker systems, sound bars, mini systems, smartphones, tablets and PCs. Such integration gives the possibility to organize a single record library with the centralized or allocated storage of audio files and centralized control with a help of the proprietary MusicCast CONTROLLER app, installed on your smartphone or tablet under iOS or Android.

You can integrate Yamaha R-N402 into home computer network either by wire through Ethernet or in wireless way - Wi-Fi adapter, supporting 802.11n protocol, is built-in in the receiver, you should only connect the included antenna to the connector on the back wall of the body. If the device is integrated into computer network, in addition to the possibility of control from your smartphone or tablet, work in allocated MusicCast system and playing music from network DLNA servers, the receiver is able to receive internet-radio broadcasts, the number of which is already more than 20 thousands in all corners of the world. For comfortable navigation they can be ordered by genres, titles, regions and other criteria. For wireless work with mobile gadgets you can use not only Wi-Fi, but Bluetooth that significantly expands the list of compatible devices and omits the requirement to have Wi-Fi coverage in the place of the receiver's installation.

The component facade is made in the same vintage style as the older model. At first glance they look like twins, but upon the closer view you will find differences. Yamaha R-N402 is deprived of channel balance controls and the system of loudness. In addition, all the parameters, except volume level, are adjusted by keys (in R-N602 all the settings were made by rotary controllers). However, we won't call the latter feature a disadvantage, because the control of the receiver is more often implemented by the remote control or through network from smartphone or tablet. Navigation joystick allows you in the system menu to scroll through lists on the display and choose any item, menu or music track. USB port is located on the left side of facade for quick connection of external drives, also there are the switch of speaker systems and headphones output.

The distinctive feature of both the older model of the receiver and Yamaha R-N402 is the presence of built-in DAC. There are one optical and one coaxial digital inputs with the resolution of 24 bit/192 kHz. Digital-to-analog conversion like in the older brother is implemented on the base of Burr Brown DSD1791 of Texas Instruments company, being able to convert not only PCM stream with the parameters of 24 bit/192 kHz, but also the material in DSD format. Output cascades of the receiver are made on pairs of A1695/C4468 transistors by Sanken. Power supply is provided by large and heavy Bando power transformer. The younger model of the receiver is also devoid of built-in equalizer for MM typed cartridges.

On the back panel of Yamaha R-N402 there are two pairs of spring acoustic terminals - like in the older model the manufacturer did not skimp on this important element of the system. But there is no output for subwoofer that will not allow you to make experiments with creating a 2.1 system.

The manufacturer managed to keep in the younger model the main thing - genteelness of sound. A little distant, cold but at the same time filled with air and smallest details convey is combined here with quite good dynamical showings. Yamaha R-N402 skillfully underlines the advantages of music material of high resolution that is rarely met in this class of equipment. Some kind of simplification of musical images and smoothing of accents in most tense moments of music compositions can be noted only in comparison with the components of much higher class.

Yamaha R-N402 Stereo Receiver photo