Home Theatre System Onkyo HTC-V10x

System from Onkyo - something more than just a movie theater in one box. In fact, a collection of mini-components, allowing to collect on the basis of PR-155X processor and a set of speakers HTE V10X system with one or more sources. The range of available CD-recorder and mini disc deck. Under this test, we are interested in a set with DVD-player DVE-155X. All amplifiers are located in the subwoofer, which is equipped for cooling fan, virtually silent. Feels that the complex is designed for confined spaces compact city apartments, where every cubic centimeter counts. Blocks somewhat overwhelmed by the navigation keys (though it's more impact on design than on ergonomics), the column is carried out in a simple, classic style. The rich arsenal of audio and video inputs can be used as a system to work with a computer or game console. Video signal is output in analog form, which does not allow the full potential of the latest generation of displays. Sound processor with subwoofer is fed through a standard 5.1 output, which can be called the best solution, because if you want the connection cables can be extended (although the cost is not cheap). Inexplicable absence of a slot SCART, because the model is clearly oriented towards Europe.

List of supported formats is small, it has no exclusives (SACD/DVD-A) or DivX. In addition to CD and DVD-Video only read MP3/WMA and JPEG. Options video TsAP modest - 10 bit/27 MHz. But audio capabilities are quite extensive: for better sound system include a proprietary VLSC, there is even a typical receiver, but rare in systems "from one box" DSP-modes (TV Logic, Hall, Live, All Channel Stereo, Studio). "Flight" decoders - Complete. For Dolby Digital provides the function of narrowing the dynamic range. Equalizer absent. With musical centers set timer function in common with quite extensive capabilities and automatic clock setting on a radio signal. Built-in tuner operates in two bands - AM and FM, memory at 30 stations.

Setting up surround sound archaic and quite uncomfortable - because of the lack of processing unit OSD and automatic mode. All installations have to be carried out with the front panel, guided by a tiny display and uninformative. It would be worthwhile to take a cue from the DVD-player: he is quite well composed menu system. Strange organized remote control. He universal, it has several sets of keys Play, Pause and Stop, one for each supported device, and inscriptions in very small print. Buttons themselves are too small and are located according to aesthetic and not ergonomic criteria. Difficult to adjust to this.

Given the lack of progressive scan picture in PAL this system - not ideal (its main advantage - a good color). Therefore, it is best to set to connect to a CRT TV with up to 30 inches. However, in areas for which it is designed, this neighborhood is most likely. Multichannel audio system transmits with a fairly accurate to scale, but few aloof. This is largely due to the structure of the center speaker. Typically, these speakers are fitted with at least two mid-range speakers, as through the "center" in a home theater runs a very large amount of information, especially speech. This same system is equipped with a conventional small satellite, which often can not cope with their duties - nuances of speech sometimes leveled. In this regard, the main advantage of the system include the presence of additional components that can transform into a comprehensive set of home entertainment center. So if you want to overwrite the active material on the CD-recorder, use the mini-disc and cassette deck without cluttering the room equipment, then this system should pay serious attention.

Onkyo HTC-V10x Home Theatre System photo