Onkyo A-933 Amplifier

The opinion about digital amplifiers in audiophile sphere has been mixed. Ones don't see the difference between digital and analog devices; the others blame the digital gain for detached synthetic sound and recognize only completely analog technique. However, when the development of digital amplifier is taken by such firm like Onkyo, it's absolutely clear, that its product will have a big potential and won't yield to the variant of classic circuit technology.

The model A-933 is based on use of new technology VL Digital, which provides the unique characteristics: it eliminates impact noise, peculiar to digital schemes, and cleans the supply voltage from pulsation. And the most important thing is that it allows to dispense without hard structures, volumetric calculators and deep degeneration feedback - all of those factors, which have a pernicious effect on emotional side of music. Having zero loop current, the amplifier construction itself - in the form of minimizing of different kinds of noises - contributes to the sound quality. All of these permit to calculate not only on ideal specification figures of the component, but also on extraordinary emotion while playing music recordings.

Onkyo A-933 is an amazing device. This exact feeling appears at the first contact with it. I should start with the fact that having functionality and power of full-sized amplifier, the body width is one-half the normal. However, having such small sizes, it has a big weight, which is in absolute contradiction with its measures. Despite of its digital nature, Onkyo A-933 doesn't have any digital input, and that is atypical too. The main surprise is its sound. Perfect audiophile accuracy, verily music-mad analogously and vivacity are combined in the device. Strictly speaking, it is hard to hear the amplifier, because it is absolutely neutral and doesn't bring any wheeze in the sound. But it is harder to rate the sound, because it is extremely difficult to reduce whole and organic musical compositions, playing by the device, into separate components. Classical music turns around to the listeners like scaled, epic linen; small staff plays like the whole ensemble is situated at the stereo system's place. Electric beats of Portishead sound maximum vividly and amazing. Through all the styles only rock is presented to be a little less thorough than it must be - such effect had the complex load in the form of floor speakers, which we used for the test. But I can't bring myself to call it a minus, because mad energy and drive of rock compositions sounds more than good. What about other styles, Onkyo A-933 evidently exceeds almost all competitors by both formal sound characteristic and emotional "delivery".

Onkyo A-933 Integrated Stereo Amplifier, Power output 80 Watts into 8 ohms