Spendor S9e Floor standing speakers

S series is the new milestone in the history of the British Spendor. It won't be an interchange of classical monitor speakers, which once glorified the brand, but only complement the model range. It is designed for home use and the logic of developers was extremely simple - the bigger the listening room is, the bigger loudspeakers are.

The advantage of S9e is the reinforced body with "linear" bass-reflex 3D Linear - the port is formed by arched recess in the lower platform. High frequencies are played by 27-mm fabric tweeter. The middle is entrusted to drivers, which Spendor engineers are justly proud of - this is the designed for classical compact monitors 14-cm driver, but made at modern technological level: with powerful magnetic system and the diffuser made of acoustically inert polymer ep38. Woofer is 22-centimeter.

Spensor S9e sounded yieldingly, with emphasis on the lower register, but transparently, so I will not say that our 18-meter room was small for them. To get deep, intense and informative bass it is better to place the loudspeakers near the wall - at one meter from or even closer. However, if the room is less than 25 meters, it will be enough to sacrifice of the width of stereo base and to remove the loudspeakers from the reflected surface by 1,4 - 1,7 meters. You can observe these conditions even in a small room - if its long side is at least 5 m.

Musicality of this British system, to my mind, consists of three qualities. First, they do not carry any "gag" in the upper case, although we can't say about outstanding sound resolution of Spendor S9e. Secondly, they smoothly and integrally play the band, where the main musical energy is concentrated - the upper bass and the whole middle. They make a good impression in acoustic music primarily by naturalness - the sound is almost devoid of coloring, the sources literally materialize in space. At the same time I noted that Spendor S9e show the quality at any volume level. And thirdly, they give exceptionally focused, anomaly-free sound stage at distant plans. Listening to choral, chamber or large-scale symphonic compositions, you get great pleasure.

Spendor S9e Floor standing speakers photo