Spendor S5e Floor standing speakers

Spendor S5e is the most compact floor standing speaker system in S series. S series is a new one, designed for home theatres. Rectangular body is finished with natural veneer and installed on black podium. A 27-mm tweeter with a cloth dome is mounted in a damped vented compartment. 140-mm MF/LF speaker has a translucent diffuser made of polymer with a soft suspension and static black bullet on the place of dustproof cap. 140-mm LF speaker with the diffuser made of homopolymer with a soft suspension is also made by Spendor. The crossover is tuned on the frequencies of 700 Hz and 4,5 kHz. The 3D linear bass-reflex port is a rectangular slot, formed by the back wall and podium. Such placement of the bass reflex allows you to put the speaker system very close to the wall without loss of bass.

Sound. The play of this loudspeaker is the example of intelligent, pure British sound style. The manner of 5Se has something vintage, light, a bit sentimental touch of antiquity, quality, appreciated by experienced audiophiles. Undoubtedly, the character of Spender S5e has a lot of the famous BBC mini-monitor, the version of which Spendor produces today too. Slightly increased level of nonlinearity in bass, a little predominance of softness under the sharpness, the lack of energetics are audible. Nevertheless, the sound of Englishman has gloss, glamour and fine musicality. Tonal balance is neutral. Music stage is compact, airy, but not very deep. Spendor best plays music of small and medium performing groups of different style directions. Chamber classics, club jazz and rock, especially old rock, sound perfect.

Spendor S5e Floor standing speakers photo