Spendor A3 Floor standing speakers

Spendor A3 - miniature two-way speaker systems (the body's height is just 75 cm) are built on the in-house drivers. A 150-mm diffuser of the mid bass is cast from the patented ep38 polymer and is equipped with a conical, phase-equalizing header. Sizes of the tweeter are somewhat unusual - 22 mm and the diaphragm is made of synthetic fabric. Internal layout is made by audiophile cable and in the scheme of crossover you can find only top-quality electronic components with minimal parameters variety.

Despite of the small sizes, noticeable problems with dynamics are not observed in Spendor A3. The speaker systems confidently cope with energy bursts, only at high volume showing signs of compression. Audibly the tonal balance can be described as smooth, without clear deviations and drops of frequency response. High naturalness of playback is worth to be especially noted. Sound stage differs by relative compactness, but at the same time correct positioning of virtual images. You can achieve an accurate portrayal of removed plans by precise placing of the speaker systems relatively to listening area.

Spendor A3 Floor standing speakers photo