Chario Pegasus Floor standing speakers

Italian acoustics looks as a rule gorgeous, can surprise with unusual engineering features, but sounds sometimes very specific. Chario Pegasus are bright personality - they look as unusual as expensive Italian sport cars.

Milan "Chario Loudspeakers" has acquired a high reputation among audiophiles in 80-es. Its production is perfectly established, products differ by inimitable design, the company has lots of unique developments and know-how. The speaker systems Pegasus, referring to Constellation series, can illustrate these.

The finish of Pegasus is made at the highest level. The cases are made not of popular now MDF, but of high-density plates and natural wood. Formally systems are three-way - woofer, as well as bass-reflex, is mounted into "underground". But note on what frequencies the filtering of bands is: 170 and 1500 Hz! Italian experts for a reason tried to shift the frequencies down in order to eliminate phase mismatch, non-linearities and all other distortion at the beginning and at the end of "voice" zone. It is not a coincidence that bass speaker has the same caliber as the midrange (170 mm) and the tweeter - increased to 38 mm diameter of the dome. Linkwitz-Riley filters of the fourth order carry out the filtering.

Pegasus has a scaled sound scene and strong memorable voice. All the mid-frequency range of acoustic instruments is played with cheerful musical energy and a good harmonic clarity. The speaker systems divide easily not only the sound of instruments with similar timbre but also get to the most piquant tonal details.

The sources with high spectrum are also reproduced realistically but still in a lesser degree that can be explained by larger sizes of the tweeter. Formally, there is nothing to complain about: this driver works in its band linearly. However, it prefers the details at the beginning of its band and is less informative at the top of the range.

There is the feature in bass register too. Pegasus do excessive emphasis on the bass in the area about 40 Hz. Fortunately it's not perceived aurally as non-linearity or not enough damping - drums just seem to be a bit heavier. But in bass area the Italian speaker systems have a commendably high dynamics - it's not a problem for them to develop a sound pressure on LF, which only happens at a rock concert.

And now it is interesting, what conclusions did you do? Are Pegasus loud and killing systems? Well, they are. But the main advantage is their delicacy. The availability of dynamics reserve in the bottom is a good argument for those who will put these speaker systems in a large room. Tightness is forbidden for Pegasus.

Chario Pegasus Floor standing speakers photo