Chario Syntar 530 Floor standing speakers

Made in Italy Syntar 530 are quite compact, but at the same time are fully-featured three-way speaker systems. The branded 160-mm woofer with the diffuser made of special polymer hides in the bottom part, near it there is an air port of the bass-reflex. Such construction allows getting not only more decent lower border of playback, but also uniform spacing of low-frequency energy in a room. The similar by structure driver works higher in spectrum and starting from 1390 Hz an original tweeter with 27-mm fabric dome, which is covered with the branded silver composition, enters into force. According to the competitors, such low crossover frequency is conditioned by desire to eliminate interaction of drivers in the critical midrange area. Playing manner of Chario Syntar 530 can be called maximally spectacular - the sound differs by splendid top and high overall dynamics. The most powerful energy is in high-frequency range, the tweeter's impact seems to be slightly increased. However, there are no problems with detailing. Bass is distinct by structure and weighty by depth. The attack is not tightened at all, the form of low frequency is not lost with volume increase. The construction of sound stage is beyond the criticism - scale and positions of imaginary sources are accurate, the depth is clearly expressed.

Chario Syntar 530 Floor standing speakers photo