Chario Cygnus Floor standing speakers

A proprietary NRS principle, allowing you to get convincing bass at relatively low volume of the body, is used in floor standing speaker systems of Constellation series. A paper woofer with a relatively modest volume (130 mm) is loaded on a pair of air ports, being placed in the body's base and directed to the base plate. In this case it plays the role of a peculiar diffuser, increasing sound pressure in low-frequency range without noticeable distortions. Mid-high-frequency section consists of 13-cm driver and the branded tweeter with a soft dome of impressive 38 mm in the diameter. Due to such a big size HF-driver is able to cover very wide frequency range.

Chario Cygnus speaker systems differ by festal, lilting character of playing, presenting absolutely different musical genres maximally expressively. One of features of Chario Cygnus is well-elaborated low-frequency range. Having not the most impressive depth, bass is stunningly detailed, with a sharp attack and high speed. At the increase of frequency the sound is perceived a bit embellished. For example, the middle sometimes seems to be too convex and top - accented. In many respects these features of playing are explained by noticeable rise at high frequencies, which can be pertly compensated by turn of the system outward. And even at this the systems surprise by accurately built sound stage. The sources are focused almost perfectly; rarefaction and instability at the level increase are not observed.

Chario Cygnus Floor standing speakers photo