Chario Syntar 533 Floor standing speakers

Chario Syntar 533 differs from the competitors by four-way construction, which is rarely met even in top segment. A pair of 200-mm self-engineered woofers, one of which radiates into floor, is installed in a large case with lower bass-reflex (the branded Vented NRS construction). Woofers' diffusers and a 10-cm midrange driver are made of light polymer and equipped with do dual suspension, which reduces distortions at extreme amplitudes. A 27-mm dome of the tweeter is made of fabric, covered with damping compound of silver color. To increase the impact this driver is equipped with neodymium magnet and a small horn, which the diaphragm is placed in, expands a polar pattern at high frequency.

Bass potential of Chario Syntar 533 is impressive and in most cases allows you to do without support of a sub. At the same time the system distinguishes by very wide working range and amazing integrity of presentation. In terms of tonal balance we can note a slight priority of the extreme top, a bit emphasizing subtle airy components. The middle is pleasantly fresh and well-balanced in terms of timbres, allowing you to imagine the sound of natural instruments with high degree of veracity. Drums and attack do not cause doubts, but in the very bottom the control of basses is slightly weakened. We liked the work of tweeter, but at high volume you can notice aggressive notes. The sound stage is maximally dense and multidimensional, with accurate positioning even at the flanges.

Chario Syntar 533 Floor standing speakers photo