JBL LX 2003 Floor standing speakers

A two-way LX2003 is the next model in the LX model range after the compact one - 2001. The construction of both systems is almost the same, except the difference between sizes. Heads seem to be the same: woofers with paper diffusers and tweeter with titanium domes. But unlike LX2001, LX 2003 has the possibility of separate commutation of bands. When you start listening to JBL acoustics, first of all you pay attention to its abilities in the low-frequency area. Many pleasant memories are associated with beautiful, branded bass... We won't afraid to say that higher "addiction" to the accurate expression of low-frequency sound structures is typical for JBL systems. Bass of LX2003 is well-balanced - "in itself" and for musical image in whole. Speaking about low-frequency depth, LX 2003, probably, kisses up to some competitors, but you always clearly hear the motion of drum's membrane, can spy upon the most difficult part of double-bass. The system works correctly with medium-high-frequency spectral content: its sound differs by accurate elaboration of musical phrases, clear graphics of melodic lines; tonal proportions are strictly kept - probably, this is the main advantage of LX2003. Dim, comfort mid's are well-detailed, the tops are given easily and cleanly; the texture of instrumental timbres is closed to the original. Panorama turns out to be a bit generalized, but true proportions of its architecture are held to the right degree. We will note the outstanding for this price category possibility to save micro-relief of sounding for a listener. LX2003 is a very correct acoustics in all respects. Along with detailing and balance of sound low-frequency and energetic potentials of the system should be observed as necessary and sufficient for giving any music correctly in small rooms, including the material presented on super-formats - DVD-Audio/SACD.

JBL LX 2003 Floor standing speakers photo