JBL Northridge E60 Floor standing speakers

E60 is a three-way speaker system of Northridge model range. From whatever side you look you immediately feel a fundamental approach: three bands, massive loading made of 20-mm MDF, powerful supports, woofer with light, "rifled" diffuser, huge bass-reflex FreeFlow port... Seemed to be a two-layered faceplate is actually one-layered and from the outside colored in "steel" color. There is a horizontal strut inside, at the level of HF-driver, which increases the body. MF-head is placed into a separate compartment, which is isolated by cylindrical plastic cap. Diffusers are made of PolyPlas composite - a layer of polymer is applied from both sides on the cellulose, which damps flexural disturbances. Sunk in special 19-mm tweeter's dome is made of polymer with titanium coating; magnetic system of the tweeter is neodymium. All the speakers are magnetically shielded. Non-polar electrolytic capacitors and coils with ferrite cores are used in a small crossover. A separate connection of bands is provided.

JBL E60 has a perfectly trained voice, the advantages of which are noble dynamics and pleasant tonal balance. The character of E60 sound significantly differs from the flagship E90. Having quite "tasty" tops, the main property of the American pair is still the branded bass: deep, clear, "light of foot", it doesn't break down at high volume and does not dissolve at low volume. Northridge E60 is a complete, universal, with perfect broadband dynamics floor speaker system, which can be honestly recommended to many people.

JBL Northridge E60 Floor standing speakers photo