Acoustic Energy AE209 Floor standing speakers

Massive speakers AE209 react to rather energetic tapping no more vividly than rocky basalt. The metal cones, three bass-reflex ports - quite familiar attributes of the products of a well-known British company - in the minds of many audio enthusiasts are rightly associated with a certain guarantee of sound reproduction quality. In short, the first impression of the system was very favorable. But the final opinion was formed, of course, after the "run" of AE209 through the entire set of familiar musical works. I was very pleased with the clear and transparent middle, especially on the vocal parts. The excellent dynamics of the system in this area was manifested, in particular, in the absence of noticeable changes in the initially high transparency with very noticeable changes in the volume level. In many ways, the expressiveness of the picture of the stage space, the convincing effect of presence are connected with the excellent reproduction of mid frequencies. We note the admissibility of a fairly free movement of the listener in space without a clearly felt loss of quality of spatial effects. The AE209 manages to preserve the originality of the sound portrait of many instruments of the lower and middle registers, such as, for example, the double bass and cello. The bass is punchy and well tangible, and not only by the sensory system of the auditory analyzer. In our rather large listening room, rock 'n' roll sounds quite energetic. The system treats all vocal forms with exceptional delicacy, carefully conveying the nuances of the emotional structure of the work. The symphonic classics are perceived as interesting, and in any case not dull. And if it is permissible to include the famous rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar" as an example, then we will gladly refer to its magnificent interpretation of AE209 as an example. At the same time, one can note a certain feature associated with the transmission of the high-frequency aspect. With a sensitive ear, it can be seen in the sound of the guitar, flute, accordion. This originality cannot be strictly qualified as impoverishment of the timbre richness of the listed instruments, but, rather, as a slight softening of the edges, a tactful leveling of contrasts. Sometimes it seemed to be using a well-known painting technique, first applied by Leonardo da Vinci (look at the landscape, against which the famous Mona Lisa is depicted). The nature of the bass and the features of high-frequency reproduction make it possible to recommend the AE209 for use in small and medium-sized (20 - 25 m2) rooms with a moderate amount of upholstered furniture. The expressive, detailed, even juicy sound of the system will definitely be appreciated by most lovers of the classics and fans of lighter musical genres. Connoisseurs of vocals should pay special attention to the AE209.

Acoustic Energy AE209 Floor standing speakers photo