PSB Speakers Image T65 Floor standing speakers

Among the competitors Image T65 distinguishes by their mass-dimensional aspects: the height is more than a meter and mass is almost thirty kilograms. The developers of this model followed the rule "in large volume - a great sound". The construction of loudspeakers is 2.5-way with separation at the frequencies of 500 and 2500 Hz. Acoustic design is bass-reflex and each of the three mid-woofer drivers has its own port on the front panel of the body. The drivers have a 6.5-inches diffuser made of metallised polypropylene - the material being used in many PSB models. The tweeter for PSB Image T65 is chosen with an aluminum membrane, treated with a special damping compound. It smoothes unpleasant for ear parasitic resonances that inevitably arise in most metal tweeters. There is the possibility of separate connection of bands by using high-quality spring terminals.

While listening to PSB Image T65 you should take into account that they need a lot of time to "warm up". You can fully appreciate their sound potential only after this procedure. PSB Image T65 differs by confident and comfortable sound almost without clear flaws. Well-coordinated work of all four drivers facilitates the full perception of music with various degrees of complexity - from simple chamber works to dynamical classics and hard rock. Bass is truly wonderful - it literally abounds with hints and shades, giving the opportunity to feel in full the whole variety of sound of instruments of this spectrum. Generally, I must admit that the sound of these Canadian loudspeakers is exceptionally linear, without audible emphasis on any part of the range, which is rarely met in speaker systems of this price.

PSB Speakers Image T65 Floor standing speakers photo