PSB Speakers Alpha T1 Floor standing speakers

Here is the representative from the budget Canadian PSB brand, T1 index means "Tower" and this is the only floor model in Alpha series. The emitters are symmetrically located by D'Appolito scheme. A 19-mm aluminum tweeter with sound coil, cooling by magnetic liquid, is between two 13-cm midbasses with the diffusers made of metalized polypropylene. All dynamical heads are independently designed by PSB specialists and made under the strict control of the company. Bands are divided into 3300 Hz by the third-ordered filters with the steepness 18 dB/oct., which you can rarely meet even in more expensive speaker systems. Quite large bass-reflex port is placed on the back wall of the body and just below there are two pairs of massive screw gilt terminals.

As expected, inexpensive PSB Alpha T1 has largely come into the signature of their older colleagues. The systems sound quite transparent and fresh, with open (but slightly exaggerated tonally) middle and heavy basses. It is especially valuable that bass doesn't lose form at affected recordings of progressive rock, keeping correct attack and intelligibility. The tweeter is a bit aggressive, but at that high frequencies are transferred extremely detailed and clear. Sound scene quite corresponds to its price category - the sources are mainly grouped within the parameter of system's placement. Localization of virtual images of the foreground is accurate enough.

PSB Speakers Alpha T1 Floor standing speakers photo