PSB Speakers Stratus Bronze Floor standing speakers

Stratus is the top branded series, which includes loudspeakers with "metal" names: Gold, Silver, Bronze... Bronze is the youngest from the listed range. Proportions are classical, weight is normal. If black finish seems to be too strict, you can buy variant of "cherry" finish. The fact of detailed listing of technical characteristics in the passport is noteworthy - an encouraging sign. Above aluminum dome of ferro-cooled tweeter there is a metallic lens, which corrects its radiation. Drivers are located by D'Appolito scheme. A lot of attention was paid to crossover filters: the signal for lower head is corrected by Butterworth's filter and the four-order filter is used for high-frequency segment (black swan for budget systems). Loudspeakers are installed on four plastic supports or on spikes. A plastic key is attached to adjust the nuts on spikes.

The Canadian system plays in the manner that you want to call "calm". There is a minimum of bright colors with maximal tonal severity; balance is neutral. Sound of PSB Stratus Bronze is reliable. There is if not radically deep but spectacular bass - the sound always has a reliable foundation. Sometimes the activity of lower frequencies seems to be too excessive. At low volume the sound images are sometimes presented to be slightly schematic. With volume increase the picture is enriched with hints, especially at basses and in the middle. "Academic" manner of Bronze is very suitable for the interpretation of records of large symphonic compositions and quite adequate for hard forms of rock. Having very nice music detailing of images spacious effects are as if slightly veiled; the measure of localization of imaginary sources is relatively low. While working at the increased volume levels the transparency of MIDs and low frequencies reduces, but not very much -overloading reserve allows you to easily operate the gain knob.

The loudspeakers confidently play the informative in spectral and dynamical sense music. Perhaps, chamber forms needs a bit more grace. Generally, PSB Stratus Bronze is reliable, powerful speaker system, which is able to correctly convey the essence of the most of music styles.

PSB Speakers Stratus Bronze Floor standing speakers photo